Janine took over our bookkeeping when our non-profit organization was in a
period of transition.  She was able to immediately assess our needs, and 
quickly restructure our bookkeeping practices to make them more efficient
and well-organized.  She effortlessly and effectively communicates with our
accountant about year-end taxes and other matters.  She is responsible, reliable, 
and a person of great integrity.  We could not recommend her more highly......and, she comes from Brooklyn!
— Arleen Maiorano, Gestalt & Associates

I have been the CEO of small corporation for thirty years. I have had seven bookkeepers during that period. Most of them were good. Only two were excellent. Janine Triggs Rodriguez is one of them.
When Janine came to me, recommended by our previous bookkeeper, I was delighted and relieved to have a conscientious and thorough person keeping the books.  It enabled me to do more of what I do best. I highly recommend her.
— Julie Diller, OHM Studio Inc.

Utilizing Janine for my book keeping needs was the best business decision I’ve made. She is reliable, knowledgeable and efficient in her work and I’m always happy to provide a recommendation . 
Janine is able to relate to a wide range of clients and their needs. She is able to set up a bookkeeping system from scratch as well as being great at working with those who are intimidated by the demands of record keeping. She makes it accessible, understandable and workable for them.  Her ability to grasp a complex, accounting systems problem and quickly find a simple, straightforward, affordable approach is impressive.  I cannot say enough about her attention to detail and accuracy. She is superb at detecting errors in clients’ accounts, and in reconciling them. There is no doubt her skills correcting and balancing records on a monthly basis can make any business run very smoothly.
— Jeannie Jackson, Harrison & Morgan, Inc.

I operate two small retail businesses in Brooklyn, NY; in Park Slope and Cobble Hill. Janine has been managing my books for about 5 years. It is a great relationship both personally and professionally. Janine is incredibly thorough and detailed with my finances and spends time with me with in person and over the phone throughout the year. I also appreciate the hard work and quick responses even after hours. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a good bookkeeper.
— John Lehman, Kidville, Inc.