President & Founder of Green Sky Bookkeeping

Born and bred in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, I’m a city-girl at heart.  Growing up, I was always the go-to girl–not only for having the answers in math class but also, for helping my friends work on their math homework. 
I love helping people understand their dreaded numbers!

My focus was to be independent early in my adult life.  While my friends were off at college, I went to work and made a productive life for myself before deciding to enter an accounting program at a local college.  Since I knew it was vital for me to have life experience as well, I made time to enjoy traveling with my friends, who were then the center of my life.  

After completing my degree as a non-traditional student (that independence thing again!), I met my husband during my travels and we settled into a happy, domestic life.

I originally started bookkeeping because it was the perfect fit for being a full-time mother.  Knowing it was important to be there for my daughter and son, I kept at it for nearly a decade before I made the decision to launch my own business.  I think of Green Sky Bookkeeping as my third child.

As a dedicated small business owner, I’m able to focus on family and provide small business owners with the real-time services they need to stay relevant in a competitive business environment.  

My life mantra has always been to ask: Why Not?  I believe in being fully present in every moment of life, especially with your loved ones.  Always work hard to achieve something greater than yourself. This is one of the best lessons I’ve learned.  

Remember that playing it safe is just about the riskiest thing you can do–particularly as a small business owner.  In the end, if you do what you love as your own boss, you’ll never have just a job, you’ll have a passion to serve others.

I obtained my degree in Accounting from CUNY, NYC College of Technology, have a certification in Quickbooks Online, am a Quickbooks ProAdvisor and a Member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.




Account Representative

I love working alongside Janine at Green Sky. We truly are a dynamic duo! We work really hard and know how to have fun at the same time. You will often hear us singing as we work if you pass our WeWork office space. I look forward to riding this journey together with my best friend to support her dream of running a successful bookkeeping firm.

I have a Certificate in Bookkeeping Essentials and am taking my exam to become Quickbooks Online Certified very soon.